"The most well-reviewed Solar Company in the Hudson Valley"

Great company, Great Panels and Great people. I recommend them to all that are looking to save money on there Electric bills.
— Frank P., Pearl River NY
The installers and the electrician were very courteous and friendly, and most of all, professional. The also were very clean, picking up all the garbage and making it look like nobody was here. The panels appear to be working very well and I did notice a reduction in our electric bill. I am very pleased to highly recommend Empire Solar.
— Joanne W., Pomona NY
Adam, Marc and their crew did an excellent job from start to finish. I chose them over 3 different companies base on knowledge, presentation and seeing their work at a friends house. I am a Very demanding consumer who has very high expectations for quality products, installations and service. I except to get what I am told and contracted for. Empire Solar has met my expectations and have recommended them to many friends.
— M. Kohler, Westtown NY
Look I just had my solar panels installed and I can tell you that I just love watching that meter spin
backward! Adam and Mark are co owners of this company and they are so good at making it a painless install and will answer any of your worries about getting solar. I Highly recommend them. They will work with you on all aspects of the project from start to finish. I had my panels installed just before that big snow storm (18inches) and then that rain storm and nothing happened to my panels or roof.
— Ryan K., Middletown NY
Install was swift and efficient. Staff was friendly and tailored to my schedule. Marc and Adam were especially attentive to my questions and concerns, This is a smaller company but their personal touch is what really won me over. Highly recommended.
— Anthony Q., Sparrowbush NY
I looked around at multiple installers and decided to go with Empire Solar. The proposal seemed the most honest and straightforward. No lease documents or anything. The install took about 3 weeks, which apparently is pretty fast for the industry. It looks fantastic on my roof and the entire company did a really great job from start to finish. Very pleased!
— Jeff C., Hillsborough, NJ
Going solar with empire was a great decision! At first i wasn’t sure if it was for me but now i have a system that costs less then my electric bill that produces more electricity then i use and the panels actually keep the second floor of my house cooler in the summer where its always hot and i had trouble keeping cool. I highly recommend empire solar to anyone who is thinking about going solar. Thanks again marc for your time and patience with me.
— -Jesse R., Pleasant Valley, NY
I have received the run around from multiple installers and have looked into solar for over two years. I made the decision to go with Empire because I had no interest in leasing my equipment. My system overproduced this past summer and has saved me a substantial amount on my electricity.
— Mario V., Sussex, NJ
I have never had an electric bill less than $100 but my first months bill came last week and it was .87 cents. I am very pleased with the service provided to me by Empire Solar Solutions.
— Jane K., Morristown, NJ
Choosing Empire Solutions was a good decision. Marc came to our home and explained in detail the process and installation as well as the cost of going with their company. Extremely knowledgeable and professional the entire staff was. The panels are sleek and I am seeing results and have not had an electric bill as of yet. Thank you Empire!
— Betty J., Harriman, NY